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Rise and Shine

Have you ever had one of those days… not a BAD day… but a Looooong day! One of those days where you feel mentally exhausted and if someone were to ask you a question harder than…”What is your name?” you may not be able to answer them! That’s kind of how my day felt yesterday. One of those days where you just want to get home and sit a minute but realize that if your kids want anything in their lunch the next day you best make a grocery store run. As I was leaving the grocery store and heading to prepare dinner for the family (by that I mean swinging by one of our awesome fast food establishments… don’t judge me!), a notification popped up on my phone, so I decided to check it out before I left the parking lot. I decided to continue listening to the worship service that was playing as I finished up my errands. As the worship team continued to sing, the words of the song just began to jump out at me.

I just want to speak the name of Jesus Over every heart and every mind 'Cause I know there is peace within His presence I speak Jesus

'Cause Your name is power Your name is healing Your name is life Break every stronghold Shine through the shadows

(Here Be Lions..”Speak Jesus”)

I began to think back over my day and examine my thoughts, my actions, my attitudes. Now that will humble you in a quick minute. I began to ask myself… Is this what I did today? Did I speak the name of Jesus over every situation today, over every person that walked through my door? Did I speak the name of Jesus… not just by words but by action and attitude. I have to admit, not quite sure I met the mark yesterday. Then I started to think… If I truly believe those words…”there is peace within His presence”, “Your name is power, healing, life”, then what if I walk out today with that attitude in mind! As I continued to listen to the worship, I heard God speak so strongly to me…”Have you forgotten who sent you?” I can remember times with my five boys where my husband would tell one of the boys to go give some instruction to one of their brothers and he would say…”Make sure you tell them “Dad said so!” You can only imagine the confidence that proceeded their words when they approached their brother and delivered the message and closed the conversation with “Dad said so!” I again heard those words from the Lord…”Have you forgotten who sent you?” Where is the confidence in your words, actions and attitude. If we could ever truly grasp this today, it will change our life. Whether you are going to your workplace, parenting, teaching… if we approach our day knowing who sent us… knowing he sent us with a purpose… with a message, I believe we will impact those around us more than we could ever imagine. His name is power, His name is healing, His name is Life. People need to know this now more than ever. We may not be able to change circumstances, but we can change perspective. Isaiah 60:1-2 says…

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. 2 For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, and his glory will be seen upon you.

Somebody needs to see the light of Jesus in you today. One of my students gave me the most amazing coffee mug as a gift. The coffee mug is a muted color but the message on the mug is profound. “RISE and SHINE”. I love it! A profound command that each of us need to walk out every day. Rise and Shine, because God has sent you. Rise and Shine, because his spirit is in you. Rise and Shine, because the world need to see Jesus in you. Rise and Shine… because his name is peace, his name is healing, his name is life!!! My God is victorious! So why do I not walk out each day with a victory mindset… why am I pouting or fretting, instead of praising and expecting. We need a perspective change… We need to remember who sent us! It’s a new day… approach this day, knowing God has sent you and HE is the answer.

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Nice read, you are right HIS NAME is all the above!!

Me gusta

So, SO GOOD!!!🙌🏻❤️ Thank you so much for writing this!!!!

Me gusta
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