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This PowerPoint Presentation gives my explanation of what we are doing. It was presented at one of our first in-service. We are hoping it is a good representation of the Collaborative Design process and our Instructional Strategies. Affective design, green design and the environment How we are learning from our design Informed pedagogy Committed teachers Collaborative design is an innovative instructional and professional development model being implemented across the U.S. at schools, universities and educational centers. It focuses on the sustainable design of teaching and learning with an understanding of the relationship between teachers, learners, materials and learning environments. In collaboration with community partners, the model integrates curricular and co-curricular activities to promote student-led learning and teacher-directed instruction that is linked to course and curriculum. It challenges schools to embrace the principles of sustainable pedagogy, incorporate a green design framework into all aspects of educational programming, and take steps to transform the school community into a place that is sustainable. The model is based on the understanding that "green design" requires intentional inclusion of rigorous, sustainable practices that promote learning and strengthen communities, along with the use of all-inclusive, accessible and appropriate resources in order to create a positive learning environment. To create this environment, schools must transform their culture to meet the needs of all stakeholders, which includes students, families, teachers, administrators, school staff, school boards, students, parents and community partners. According to the Collaborative Design Model, teachers lead instructional strategies and make informed decisions about the conditions, materials and practices within their classrooms, learning centers and community settings to engage students in the learning process. Teachers are also expected to provide a flexible and supportive learning environment that encourages a high-quality learning experience. Finally, teachers are supported by committed school leaders who model the collaborative instructional strategies and practices required to foster sustainable learning. Collaborative Design is based on the principles of Teaching and Learning Design (TLD), a theory that asserts that both teachers and learners are responsible for the learning process. Collaborative Design seeks to empower teachers to make informed decisions about teaching and learning activities, thus leading them to become active and informed participants in the learning process. Collaborative Design also provides clear guidelines for implementing effective instructional strategies with the ultimate goal of meeting students’ learning needs. The Collaborative Design Model is currently being implemented in schools across the U.S., including the San Francisco Unified School



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