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Aye, Aye Captain

The sun is shining, the waters are calm, and the sound of the ocean fills the air. It is a perfect day to be out on a nice boat ride. Everything seems to be perfect, not a worry in the world. Then everything seems to change, a storm arises. What once seemed to be a peaceful getaway, has now turned into a stressful situation. The boat is rocking, waves are crashing over the bow, how do you get out of the storm before it consumes you? In Matthew Chapter 8:23-29, we read of the moment when Jesus caused a storm to cease. It was late in the day, Jesus was tired from teaching, the disciples and Jesus had gotten on the boat to remove themselves from the crowds. Then a storm arose. The disciples were terrified. Jesus was sleeping, what was he thinking? What I love about Jesus is although his position (situation) had changed, the promise had not. The disciples allowed their situation to change their perspective. The only thing that had changed since they first got in the boat was their surroundings. The Master was still with them. Jesus arises from his sleep, calms the storm and questions the disciples faith. The disciples response is this..."Who then is this, even the winds and waves obey him?" Wow. The men that were closest to Jesus are asking, WHO IS HE? Just a few verses prior to this scripture in Matthew, Jesus had healed the Centurion's Servant, he had healed Peter's mother of a fever, and he healed many that were demon possessed. How quickly the disciples forgot the amazing things that Jesus had done. If he can heal the sick, surely he can calm a storm. Aren't we much like the disciples? Life is going smooth, kids are acting right, the dog is listening, nothing is broken at the house, your job is going well, then boom, the storm hits. The kids act like they lost their mind, the dog runs away, one thing after another is falling apart, your hair won't even do what it is supposed to! Now we are a hot MESS! Our attitude changes, we get nervous, worried. What has changed; your position, NOT THE PROMISE. The disciples were worried in the boat and quickly forgot the one in the boat with them had just performed amazing miracles. We do the same. We allow our current situation to dictate our perspective. We must not let the storms blur our vision, don't forget all God has done in your life and how he has proven to be faithful. I love the scripture in Deuteronomy 31 when Moses is talking to Joshua. "Be strong and Courageous, don't be terrified, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you; He will not leave you nor forsake you. As Israel was heading into battle Moses assured Joshua that no matter what he faced God went before him and would never leave him. Now that's a PROMISE! Be encouraged today. No matter what your storm looks like, the CAPTAIN is in boat. The Promise abides with you.Don't focus your eyes on your situation keep your eyes fixed on the PROMISE..

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