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Guard the Gift

The morning looked like It would prove to be quite a productive day. Things were running smoothly. Belk by 6:00am , clothes washed and folded, Jim and Jay out the door to the airport , and my bag packed to follow shortly after. Granny arrives and I'm off. Then comes the moment when you realize your license expired on your birthday. Not so good. I stopped, took a few moments to gather myself, renewed online and prayed I would have no trouble at the airport at checkin. Checkin successful! Now I was Missouri bound, or so I thought. Five minutes from landing in Atlanta, a voice resounds, "We will be diverting to Augusta to refuel, landing backed up due to weather." Fast forward 10 11:30pm, Missouri, not quite. Two and a half hours in a plane on a runway in Augusta kinda wiped out all chances of making my destination on schedule. So it's me, myself and I in a hotel room in Atlanta. Not quite how I thought the day would go. A little disgusted to say the least. I Must admit I teared up a few times in the course of this day. At the beginning of my flight from Norfolk to Atlanta I began reading some verses from 1 and 2 Timothy, studying for my message for Mother's Day. This was still when things seemed to be going well and on schedule. It was easy to relax and read at that point. I finished reading, sat back, closed my eyes, and was ready to land. I was ready for things to go as planned. But how's our faith, character, and attitude when it doesn't go as we planned? 2 Timothy 2:24 says, The Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, ready to teach, not resentful. As I had been reading, God had been impressing upon me the importance of us being an example to those around us, teaching them what it means to live for Christ. Not just when it's easy, But at all times. If you keep reading in Timothy, 2 Timothy 1:14 says guard the good deposit that was entrusted in you - guard it with the help of Holy Spirit who lives in you. Don't be so swayed by life's circumstances. Someone is watching you. Don't lose your impact and influence on those around you because you react instead of releasing it to God. Never did make it to Springfield that day, but I was able to share my faith with a young lady on the plane. I couldn't have shared Jesus if at that moment of frustration I didn't look much like him. Guard the gift God gave you so it's ready to give away when it's time. Another plane... Another day... Maybe another teaching moment.

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