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Just in Case

I wrote this a few years ago. I needed this reminder..

This week it seems I have been going from one store to another gathering things for either home or church. So my twins take every opportunity to jump in the car with me because… as they say “you just never know what we might find Mom”. I allowed them to be looking at the toys while I was shopping for kitchen items since I was right across the aisle from them and they would be much more content looking at cars and guns than serving spoons. After about 10 minutes they both came running across the aisle, one holding a remote control car. “Mom, I just have to have this. See how cool it is. I’ve got plenty of money.” Then they try to reel me in by saying “And mom, it’s on sale (they know I’m a sucker for a sale) and we can play with this while you are working at church.” So I cave to the cunning reasoning of two 9 year olds and allow him to spend some of his money he has saved, and the car goes in the cart. I still had to finish my shopping, so the both of them just continue browsing the toy aisle. As I finish up and summon the youngest two of the lewis clan from their intense shopping experience, they inform me they have found a better deal and it is a much more “awesome” car… But they must have two so they can race. As they show me the car they have found, I tell both of them I have one exactly like that at home in my closet. (I had purchased it for a Christmas gift and ended up not using it). One of the twins apparently had seen it in my closet and was assuring his brother that “Mom really does have one just like this”. Unfortunately, his brother was not sure about that. He was determined to put his car in the cart as well… “ But mom I’m not sure you know what you are talking about, Are sure you have one at home., I haven’t seen it, What if it’s not there… Then how will I race with Jordan…Why don’t we buy two just in case?“ So with all the motherly wisdom I could muster I replied, “Son, trust me, I know exactly where it is and we will get it as soon as we get home.” Then his brother concluded our car buying saga by telling his brother…” You pay half and I’ll pay half… that way its fair and I will get the other for you when we get home… I know exactly where it is in mom’s room”. So after about 5 minutes of us both reassuring him that their was indeed another one just like that car at home, he put his car back and agreed to their little deal. We check out and head home… they couldn’t wait till they got home so the both of them are in the back seat holding the box checking out all the things this amazing remote control car can do… But all the while I can here the youngest twin telling his brother…”I don’t trust mom, I don’t think she has one at home… You know how she forgets things… I know I should have bought my own car.” I knew they thought I couldn’t hear them, so I had to refrain from responding to their lack of trust in my memory capabilities (haha). At that moment God reminded me how much like my youngest son we are. How many times have we shown our lack of trust in God by throwing in our “just in case” like my son did. We pray for God to provide in our lives whether it be physically, financially etc. but we are putting in our “what if’s” and “Just in case”. Well God I know you can provide, and we may not say it, but all the while we are trying to work things out so “just in case” … Just as it broke my heart a little to hear one of my boys say “ I don’t trust Mom…” how much more do you think it breaks the heart of God when we seek him and then don’t fully trust him. Psalm 9:10 says… Everyone who honors Your name can trust You, because You are faithful to all who depend on You. What an awesome verse. God is more than faithful. We don’t need our plan B in place, just in case. God’s plan and provision is better than any plan or solution we could ever come up with ourselves. God desires your whole heart, he longs for you to seek after him and place your full trust in him. He loves you and has designed a magnificent plan for your life… Don’t sell him short… let God show up mightily in your life. We pulled in the driveway, the door flung open and the two of them almost took my front door out trying to get in the house to find that other car… well there it was, just as I had told him. Two remote control cars…$10… watching them play together… entertaining… lesson learned today… PRICELESS. Trust Him, he won’t fail you. Remind yourself of all God has done in your life and then continue to seek Him in expectation of all his is yet to do.

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